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Body & Soul Massage has been offering unique personalized attention that is tailored to the needs of each client. Providing an expansive menu of therapeutic bodywork services that will de-stress and revitalize the body and soul connection.


 Swedish Massage

 A relaxing full-body massage providing a combination of long gentle and relaxing slow strokes. This subtle modality can create a profound shift in self healing and restoration when addressing long standing patterns of tension in the body. Concentrating on muscles and connective tissue, improving circulation, pain relief and overall maintenance of body and mind. This massage is most popular.

30 minutes $55.00

60 minutes $80.00

90 minutes $105.00


Deep Tissue Massage

This massage is effective in releasing the sub-layer of the musculature and related fascia. It helps by alleviating the underlying cause of chronic muscle pain by reducing inflammation and tendinitis, which accelerates injury recovery time.

The specialized and integrated techniques of this massage are suited for those who are active in sports or those requiring firmer use of knuckles, elbows, thumbs and forearms.

60 minutes $90.00

90 minutes $115.00     


Bamboo Massage         

This is a full body treatment using bamboo sticks to knead, stretch, rollout muscles and the fascia providing increased circulation while dissolving muscle tension and knots. Great for muscular injuries, softening scar tissue, deactivating trigger points, fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis

Induces a state of complete relaxation and release.

60 minutes $80.00

90 minutes $105.00


Essential Oil Raindrop Technique

This treatment combines the art of aromatherapy with the application of nine different essential oils and a specialized massage sequence along the spinal column. Indulge your senses and bring balance and harmony to the body on all levels by supporting the immune system.

30 minutes with high grade essential oils. 
(add to any massage service 30 minutes $65.00)


Bellanina Facelift Facial

This is a facelift massage system developed to lift, firm and tone the muscles of the face enhancing your skins natural beauty. A rejuvenating facial treatment that is safe and effective, with visible improvement after the first session. Specific techniques designed to strengthen capillaries, improve blood flow, remove congestion and soothe the nerves producing a beautiful glow.

Take your face on a Belavi vacation, experience a delightful 90-minute session and receive a facial with the famous honey-lift mask, massage of shoulders, neck, scalp, hands and feet.

 90 minutes $90.00    

To obtain the highest level of facial rejuvenation, The Bellanina Institute recommends a series of

6 or 12 sessions.


The Ultimate Escape

Bellanina facelift massage facial combined with 1-hour body massage.

Indulge yourself in 2.5 hours of total bliss.

2.5 hours $160.00  (package discount $10.00-savings)



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