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Inspired by my passion to nurture and help others to improve their health and well being, has kept me on a dedicated path in the field of massage. My devotion to my clients is to encourage them to explore the alternatives to health and wellness, which can lead to healthier living and bring life changing benefits.

I have been a licensed Senior Cosmetologist since 1974, with work experience in public service and have operated a private massage practice since 1989. I graduated from a 600 hour program with the National Massage Therapy Institute and have a National Certification through NCBTMB. I am currently licensed in the state Maryland through the Board of Chiropractic and in Virginia through the Board of Nursing.

Utilizing my bodywork experience and knowledge in the Hair Salon and Spa Industry allows me to incorporate a variety of techniques that will enhance your relaxation and bring great health benefits to each massage session.

We are living in a fast paced world, if you often feel tired or overwhelmed due to every day stress then massage could be the retreat you need. In comparison our bodies are like our cars, it is the vehicle that gets us around and requires adequate attention to operate properly. Massage is a necessity with tremendous health benefits encouraging the whole body to heal on all levels and we need to recognize the connection between physical and emotional health. We cannot expect to remain healthy with a drive through mentality.

Feel the difference that receiving massage regularly can bring to your well-being.

Just remember you are in the drivers seat. Massage can benefit anyone who is willing to be open to the experience.

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